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But … what does it do?

One for the C# developers; another sample of the code previously described here and here. Without running the function below, describe exactly the format of its input parameter, the expected output, and what the hell the developer was thinking at the time.

 //get date in ddmmyyyy format
 public static string ddmmyyyyDate(string strdate)

        const string pattern = "^(?<Day>\\d{1,2})(\\/)(?<Month>\\d{1,2})(\\/)"
                       + "(?<Year>\\d{4})$";

        System.Text.RegularExpressions.MatchCollection mc =

        mc = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches(strdate, pattern);

        if (mc.Count > 0)
            string strMonth = mc[0].Groups["Month"].Value.PadLeft(2, '0');
            string strDay = mc[0].Groups["Day"].Value.PadLeft(2, '0');
            string strYear = mc[0].Groups["Year"].Value;

            string strDateNew = strMonth + "/" + strDay + "/" + strYear;
            return strDateNew;
            return strdate;

For completeness, the code also has another function ‘mmddyyyyDate’ with exactly the same signature and content.

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