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Time’s Up!

Back in May, I gave up on the nicey-nicey route with my former employer (“ABCD”), and started proceedings against them via an Employment Tribunal. The case was relatively clear-cut – they had, I was certain, broken employment law by withholding a substantial amount of salary and outstanding holiday pay. I submitted my tribunal form, received confirmation that the case had been accepted, then waited.

And waited …

… then waited a bit more …

… but then, the nice thing with an employment tribunal is that every action has a time limit. After around four weeks the deadline was hit with no response. My statement went before a judge uncontested, and on the 12th June the action by default went in my favour.

ABCD does still have the right to call for the case to be re-heard, if they can demonstrate that their lack of response was for reasons outside their control. That right expires on the 24th of July.

In the meantime, I ended up with a judgement from a court stating that ABCD owe me a certain amount of money. Today, that was sufficient to grant me a county court judgement (CCJ) against ABCD, which will restrict their ability to gain access to credit until paid off; it’s also cost them another £40. In addition, I now have access to further actions including sending bailiffs, freezing their bank accounts or even applying to have the entire company wound up. If this were a game, I’d think of it as unlocking the Boss level and letting rip.

For now, I plan to wait until the 25th before taking any more action, out of a possibly misplaced sense of fair play. For their sake, I hope they pay.

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