securiously: secure, curious and … ly?

For reasons which may become obvious, I’m writing this blog whilst trying to remain untraceable. Those who know me will be able to tell who I am; to others I will remain unidentifiable. What I will reveal is:

  • I’m a senior developer in a small company, with a primary development platform of C# and Visual Studio 2010.
  • I’ve been working in IT for over 15 years now, which means I’m old enough to be cynical yet young enough to learn from my mistakes.
  • I hold a Bachelors degree in a computing subject and a Masters degree related to IT security, and so have difficulty getting my head through narrow spaces.
  • I am writing this watching Shaun of the Dead.

This blog will be a combination of subjects related to the aforementioned: secure development practises, latest news related to the Microsoft development platform (including mobile development on Windows Phone 7 and its competitors), the security mistakes that I come across on a daily basis, and flesh-eating zombies.

Actually, scrap the security. This blog is about zombies.

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