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We are not Microsoft

February 15, 2011 Leave a comment

An attribute common to most small software developer companies is that, at some point in their existence, a potential client will ask for their system to work ‘just like Facebook’. Or a messaging program to have ‘all the features of Outlook’. Sadly, the client rarely has the tens of millions of dollars that Microsoft, Facebook and their ilk spend on some of the most highly-paid developers in the world, sitting in front of what can safely be assumed to be the highest specification workstations in existence.

Never discount the abilities of developers working in a small company. The fact that they alone can often keep a company ticking over when all other income streams dry up means that they are often the best, hardest working, and dedicated in the business. They choose to work in an environment where they can stand out, even if that means sacrificing the access to resources – hardware, dedicated test setups, MSDN subscriptions – and job security that being a small part of a bigger machine would give them.

Yes, we can write it. It just might take a bit longer. How does five years sound?